Does your crush speak better English than you? Has it been hindering the relationship? Do you have to search the words he uses?

Say good bye to hesitation! is an online dictionary English into Urdu service specially designed by foreign qualified teacher. The resource is just a perfect fit to the needs of an average Urdu/Hindi speaker. All of the meanings are provided in English and Urdu both. Distinctive feature of this website is that how it makes the stressful job of learning English, a leisure time activity. This is done with the help of video lectures on English into Urdu and use of dictionary words into sentences to make it clear to the readers. Videos are of high quality and feature our Canada qualified teacher, hence you can learn English just by sitting in front of your pc in NO MONEY.

So now you can easily impress your desired person and use the best of your language skills on your crush. And what we need in return is your support. Help us in adding more words into the database by writing the words in comment box below. You can also make your friends a part of this journey by spreading the word.

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