Education is an everlasting process which commences from the day we are born. We start learning and attain new skills as soon as we enter this world. Some people link education to school and colleges, but my contention is that our home, family, and friends are the first ones to educate us. No one in this world can gainsay the importance of education as it plays a trivial role in the building of a person’s personality and his overall knowledge. I would like to reinforce the idea that it should be our primary and foremost objective to get and spread knowledge.

Schools and colleges have been a conventional way of dispersing knowledge and it is still adaptable in today’ world. Schools have 2 major functions: help students get knowledge, and help then interact. Schools assess a person’s ability by making him or her sit tests and exams. The students who successfully grasp the knowledge are able to get good marks, while the non-serious students fail. Schools also assess the potential of a person. They evaluate the potential of a person by making him do tasks at under severe circumstances. This kind of evaluation facilitates teachers to plan the entire procedure to improve the students’ performance.

Education has many benefits. Anyone one could write millions of pages on this given subject, but brevity is important for an essay so I would stick to the points which play an integral role in benefitting the individual and society.  Education enables us to obtain certain skills which help us excel both socially and professionally. Everyone in this world has to undergo certain training in order to get the skills and it is imperative for a person to stay well informed about the world which can only be achieved by getting good education. We all have to survive in this world, and in order to survive we have to earn money. Nothing in this world is free so we have to get education to get a good job or start a business; furthermore, education makes us adept enough to counter any problem.

Even the strongest critics cannot deny the importance of education. There are some people who have ended up being rich without education, but everyone in this world is not that lucky. We all fantasize about a good life but we are not ready to make the effort to endeavor. Education is the initial step to start a good life. Each and every industry and department in a country is connected to the education system. For instance, we cannot recruit an uneducated as a teacher in a school in a similar way we cannot recruit an untrained person as a scientist. Do you realize that this world would have been without medicines if the people were not trained or educated to make them for the people. All these people will have to go through a certain training to become eligible for a job. If they are not educated enough, they would not only harm themselves but also all the other people who are connected to them.

Lack of education or no education may start series of problems which may have detrimental effects. When students do not go to school they are forced to work which result in a crime which is called child labor. These children indulge themselves in to certain activities which might have adverse affect on their lives. Lack of education is also a cause of many social evils. When people are not adept enough they end without a job which makes them unemployed. Unemployment leads them to anxiety and frustration for many and on the other hand some people move one step forward and start committing criminal activities. So, what I trying to say is that lack of education is the root cause of all the problems which occur in this world.

There is no comparison between the education sector in the first and third world countries. The education sector in the first world countries is has already improved while the education system in the third world country is deteriorating day by day. I believe that third world countries put them into this category because they do not regard education as their chief priority.  All the countries should make good available to everyone and give them the chance to enhance their knowledge and skills. I was astounded to find out that even a 6 grade child in the first world country

I would like to quote an example of my own country. Majority of the people in my country do not have cognizance to make the right decision. They do not make any decision on their discretion as a matter of fact they rely on the opinion of other people. My country has been an independent state since 1947, but the people of the country have failed to vote for the right leader. Due to this they have now been deprived of all the basic necessities of life, had they been well-informed of the right and wrong they would have never selected these people as their rulers. Lack of education has caused my people to debase themselves in front of the entire world.

There are various ways we can improve the education system globally. Governments in the world should corroborate all those people who intent to work for the betterment of the education system. Governments should motivate good teachers to come forward and help the people who need the help. Higher education is becoming unaffordable for the students, so the governments in the world should take up certain steps to make it affordable for the people. Parents should also encourage their children to work with vigor and zeal.

In the conclusion I would like to mention that there are some people who are working vigorously to educate other people and we should follow the footsteps of these people. The world has showed that the countries which the highest literacy rate have been capable of giving their people a good and prosperous life while the ones with the lowest literacy have failed to give the same to their people. To conclude I would say that we should try to ameliorate our lives and that can also be done by good education.



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  • M Rauf
    Posted at 07:22h, 24 September Reply

    give me the essay on “english as medium of instruction

  • M Rauf
    Posted at 07:24h, 24 September Reply

    give me the essay on”english as medium of instruction”

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