Word Meaning Word Meaning
Public enemy Enemy of the state Hold back Not take action
Crush Destroy WORM Write Once Read Many
Unconfirmed In jeopardy Anyhow Somehow
Fairy Fictional character Lexical Word
Unconditional Without demands Turning point Decisive moment
Anybody Everyone applicable Crust Food
Syringe Medical device World-weary Popular song
Hold Stop Investigate Find out
Syrup Liquid Bronze Metal
Brochure Catalogue Working capital Money in use
Synthetic Not real Faith Belief
Publication Something in written DVD Digit video disc
Dance Movement Hydra Water
Wriggle Move about Most Majority
Mortal Death Balm Soothing product
Worth Value Narrate Tell
Agreement Accord Mostly Almost
Wrested Obtain Dynamic Gripping
Mortgage Loan Turret Tower
Demise Termination Motion Movement
Turntable Phonograph Burry Put underground
Mortify Insult Woozy Faint
Circus Enjoyable event Fairly Approximately
Wormhole Physics term Word-perfect Appropriate
Garden city Eco cities Keen Interested
Publicity Advertising Annual Every year
Bamboo Wood Unbecoming Not proper
Withering Sarcastic Extol Admire
Hockey Sports activity Sympathize Kindness
Cruise Ship Libel Defamation
Witness To see City Town
Moron Stupid person Synergy Combing strength
Civil National Outrageous Shocking
Publish Circulate Demon Devil
Garb Dress Unauthorized Illegal
Pudding Sweet dish Befit Suit
Always Indefinitely Synchronize Mixing
Puck Rubber disc Mountain Landscape
Exude Display Exult Joyful
Mother’s day Honor mothers Jeer Shout mockingly
Womanhood Woman Synopsis Summary
Caesar Roman dictator Civil engineer Professional
Wolf whistle False alarm Witticism Insulting
Invent Develop Invalid Without reasoning
Burn To be on fire Failure Not successful

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