Word Meaning Word Meaning
Pantograph Mechanical device Hobnob Place to socialize
Cruel Brutal Twister Tornado
Outgoing Extrovert Burden Load
Fake Not real Morale Confidence
Symptom Sign Fall Decline
Introduction Beginning Syndicate Organization
Before Prior Invade Conquer
Surely Definitely Alone Independent
Intrude Interfere Surmise Guess
Dusty Full of dust Outlaw Fugitive
Surge Rush False Not true
Outgrow Too large Surpass To go forward
Befriend Make friends Breeze Gentle wind
Public servant Government employee Surrender Give up
Eyelevel Easily seen Hostility Bad behavior
Sustain Endure Caesar salad Healthy food
Almond Food item Surround Encircle
Outfitter One who makes clothes Survey Analysis
Swallow To put Eye-opener Everything clear
Dutch Netherland Puff Breath
Wrong-foot Wrong move Pudgy Small and fat
Publisher Author Briefcase Case
Bright Glowing Sweat out Work very hard
Outage Not working Keep up Continue
Written Documentation Duty Obligation
Eyesight Ability to see Sweepstake Lottery
Supremacy Authority Fame Popularity
Suppress Decrease the intensity UB40 Registration card
Beg Intense desire Apartment Flat
Swipe Move Narrow Not wide
Fanatic Maniac Hot-headed Angry
Jaywalking Walking recklessly Wristwatch Watch worn on hand
Symbol Sign Den Hole
Another One more Denote Signify
Suspect Suspicious Swindle Cheat
Gargantuan Immense Crude Raw
Sushi Japanese food Supper Food
Bring Come along Rusty Out of practice
Supersede To take place Dusk Twilight
Library Place to keep books Supervise Administer
Cunning Intelligent Garland City in Texas
Suspend To discontinue Suppose Let
Fan club People who join a club Approach To come forward
Suspended sentence Punishment Swell Bulge
Bunch Group Hot up Intensify

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