Word Meaning Word Meaning
Mystery Unanswered story Capability Competence
Home Office Visa issuing office Bogus Not real
Myth Fictitious story Wafer Biscuit
Catalogue Brochure NASA Space organization
Wrestle Fight Campaign Movement
Irregular Wrong shape Deceive Cheat
Develop Evolve Waffle  Breakfast food
National Country wide Freak out Panic
Administer Manage Yap  
Native Relating to country Judo Karate
Sadism Sad condition Cuisine Kitchen
Dynasty Succession Pain Agony
Pail Bucket Narrow-minded Conservative
Ice age Cold era Gad Surprised
Clarify To explain Safari park Animal park
Tag on Attached Damage Harm
Oasis Relief in suffering Zebra Animal
Example Clarification Excavate Dig
Tail Body organ Obey Abide by
Beyond More than the reach Mustache Facial hair
Nag Irritate Pace Run
Island Place without borders Anger Rage
Tailor Outfitter Samurai Japanese warrior
Culinary Related to kitchen Fabric Cloth
Saliva Spit Mute Silence
Honor Tribute Salubrious Healthy
Salute Respect Dean Principal
Abnormal Not ordinary Radio Electronic device
Let Allow Hook Attached
Sack Dismiss Hooligan Robber
Evolve Develop Defeat Claim victory
Obsession Strong association Kaleidoscope Series of event
Chop Take off Fabulous Excellent
Vaccine Medicine Saddo Sad person
Inward Inside Packing Preparation
Sacrifice Surrender Agenda Point
Chubby Slightly fat Homeboy Friend
Pacemaker Device for heart patients Holocaust Massive killing
Jinx Problem UN United Nations
Brave Courageous Bliss Pleasure
Unanswered Not solved Salutary Helpful
Irk Irritate Gadget Equipment
Face value Not real value Sad Gloomy
Vacancy Free space Apparent Obvious
Irrigate Farming Pacific Peaceful

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